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Who We Are

Steady State is dedicated to empowering social sector organizations to achieve maximum impact through enhanced organizational effectiveness and seamless sector coordination.

Our Story

Our approach swiftly yields tangible progress, meeting key goals and delivering impactful outcomes for the communities they serve. Fueled by passion, pragmatism, and expertise, the Steady State Impact team dedicates itself to rolling up its sleeves and empowering organizations to enhance their capacity and better serve their constituents, embodying a steadfast commitment to meaningful change.

Steady State Impact, a leading social sector consulting firm, boasts a seasoned team with decades of diverse experience. Committed to excellence, this majority-woman-led firm collaborates closely with state and local entities, businesses, philanthropies, and nonprofits to implement strategic solutions with remarkable efficiency.

Our Mission

Steady State is dedicated to empowering social sector organizations to achieve maximum impact through enhanced organizational effectiveness and seamless sector coordination. We firmly advocate that by pinpointing critical leverage points and addressing systemic interdependencies, organizations can optimize their resources and drive meaningful change within their communities.


Our mission is to assist organizations in identifying these leverage points, crafting tailored strategies for organizational effectiveness, and ultimately delivering measurable and significant outcomes for their beneficiar.

Core Principles

  • Our team's unwavering passion drives our commitment to social impact, fueling every project with dedication and purpose.

  • Grounded in pragmatism, we implement feasible solutions that address real-world challenges, ensuring tangible and sustainable outcomes.

  • Understanding the unique nuances of each community's local context is fundamental to our approach, guiding tailored strategies that resonate with the specific needs and culture of the regions and people we serve.

  • Drawing from real-life experience, our consultants offer practical insights and firsthand knowledge, enriching our solutions with depth and authenticity.

  • At the heart of our work lies a community-centric ethos, prioritizing collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment to foster meaningful change from within.

“I strongly recommend any organization working with Steady State - be open to being vulnerable and transparent.”

-  Eric Gallien, Superintendent of Schools, Racine Unified School District

Team Members

Garrett Landry

Chief Executive Officer

Garrett brings an important perspective to the table having an intimate understanding of both the internal and external inputs that are necessary to successfully envision, implement, and continuously improve strategic plans/initiatives.

Loretta Landry


Loretta operates at the forefront of community engagement and has a track record of making significant contributions to regional and national campaign strategy teams. Representing under-invested communities and implementing large-scale impact projects.

Catherine Jaynes

Senior Advisor

Catherine Jaynes, Ph.D. supports Steady State Impact’s work on strategy, program development, execution, and evaluation. She also leads the COVID Collaborative’s initiative to support COVID Bereaved Children. 

Mercedes Aquilini


Mercedes has diverse experience in supporting nonprofits, public entities, and corporate partners to design and implement strategic plans that lead to sustained impact.

Laura Worline

Client Engagement &

Growth Manager

Laura has experience in pilot program creation and execution revolving around equity access to education, barrier removal for BIPOC students and ALICE population, ex-offender career support, and criminal record expungement.

Kate Frucht

Associate Consultant

Kate has experience working with local governments, non-profits, and think tanks. With a background in policy analytics, research, and advocacy campaigns, Kate has worked for numerous underserved communities across Texas. 

Our Contractors

Talia Strong, Emily Brown, Iliana de Santis

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