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Steady State Impact in the news. We know it’s possible’ to achieve positive outcomes.

Efforts to Toughen Teacher Evaluations Show No Positive Impact on Students

WBR Schools awarded grant to bring CTE Academy to the west side

Amid abortion restrictions, the Trust Her team gives contraception access to more women

Breakfast in the Classroom takes a bite out of student hunger

No one can deny the impact the ACE model is having on underperforming campuses

One Second Collaborative targets Fort Worth youth gun violence. New leader explains how

‘We’ve got to do something different:’ How Fort Worth, Tarrant County plan to address rising youth gun violence

Fort Worth launching new initiative aimed at preventing youth violence

Mayor Parker joins partners in support of maternal, infant health

Racine County, Higher Expectations launch early literacy work

RUSD debates how to spend up tp $77 million in federal COVID relief funding

Three ways to mentally support youth as they grieve the loss of a friend or loved one

New Partnership Aims to Make Benefits Enrollment Easier for Eligible Dallas Families

Fort Worth’s maternal, infant mortality rates are alarming. Will this plan save lives?

Thoma Foundation Awards $200,000 to Empower Schools

Permian Basin Innovation Zone launches

Rural cooperative offers shared CTE paths

‘Permian Innovation Zone’ to help provide better opportunities for rural students

District to expand successful ACE program next school year

New education model approved for 2 Lafayette schools

Dallas partners with nonprofit to help residents access nutrition health care programs

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