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Loretta Landry


Representing under-invested communities and implementing

large-scale impact projects.

Loretta offers a diversified background spanning more than 15 years driving impact in the anti-poverty movement, within the Texas Legislature, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and private industry.

She operates at the forefront of community engagement and has a track record of making significant contributions to regional and national campaign strategy teams. Representing under-invested communities and implementing large-scale impact projects, Loretta excels in public negotiations, coalition building, identifying community-driven solutions and project design, project-based management, legislative strategy and has built and led numerous community involvement programs from the ground-up resulting in the launch and implementation of many innovative community program solutions on the macro-level from universal school breakfast to all methods contraceptive access for all women.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anti-poverty

  • Food security and federal nutrition programs

  • Federal benefits optimization

  • Government (local, state and federal)

  • Healthcare

  • Reproductive health and contraceptive access

  • Philanthropy

  • Nonprofit management

  • Collective Impact

  • Human-centered design

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